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I Dj'd the "Let's Get It On" wedding with you. When they told me that was their First Dance, I thought "OK, it's not the strangest song I've played". After getting to know the bride and groom it actually made perfect sense. When I played it that night, you could tell that everyone at the reception knew it was the "right" song for them.

OK, the strangest "First Dance"... "Allegro" by Beethoven. The song(s) is over 10 minutes long and they wanted to dance to the whole song. The song had meaning to them and they were enjoying it, but nobody at the reception knew what was going on. I actually had someone come up to me during the dance and ask if "I was playing the right song". After about 3 minutes, the bride gave me the "cut" sign and I slowly faded the song out.

"At Last" is a classic song and very appropriate for the First Dance.

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